5 FAQs about Votiva

A woman wearing pink underwear

When it comes to female hygiene and health concerns, vaginal health or appearance is often overlooked. Women don’t have a lot of options to address these concerns or fix such issues. Votiva is a revolutionary, non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

It helps remodel the tissues in the labia and vagina and reverses any damage done due to childbirth and labour, and the passage of time. This treatment stimulates new collagen production and improves vaginal health.

Whether you’re dealing with urinary symptoms or any pelvic, sexual, or vaginal issues, Votiva can help you take care of your vagina. It also helps boost your sexual drive, especially after menopause. Let’s learn more about Votiva through some frequently asked questions.

What is the Right Time for Votiva Treatment?

You can get the Votiva treatment at any point in your life. If you’re having concerns about the appearance, function, or health of your vagina, you can get this treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with planning a vaginal rejuvenation to satisfy yourself.

You can get Votiva treatment when your period ends. You should get it done when you’re not pregnant or at risk of yeast infection, bladder infection, or STD.

How Many Sessions Does it Require?

You need to get at least 3 to 5 sessions consecutively for desired results. Additionally, the number of sessions for the Votiva treatment will depend on the extent of your needs or vaginal health concerns. Some people only require 1 to 2 sessions.

A woman wearing pink underwear

How Long Does it Take to See the Results?

While the results are visible after onesession, you have to also wait to see how your body reacts to the Votiva treatment. Radiofrequency treatments like this tend to show results quickly in those people with a high or normal level of collagen production. Those with slow production need more sessions, and results may take time to show.

Is Votiva Safe?

Yes, Votiva is a safe procedure for vagina rejuvenation, and it’s FDA approved. It helps with stress-related urinary incontinence, decreased libido or sexual sensitivity, and vaginal laxity.

Votiva treatment is safe, and it helps you address all external and internal vagina health issues. It helps you avoid surgery and increase your blood flow and vagina sensitivity;it also helps with sagging tissues.

Where Can I Get Votiva Treatment Done From?

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