Everything You Need to Know About Laser Fungal Nail Treatments for Clearer, Healthier Nails

Woman applying a clear coat on her nails

Fungal nail infections, medically known as onychomycosis, can be a persistent and unsightly problem for many individuals. These infections are typically characterized by discoloured, brittle, and thickened nails, making them a source of embarrassment and discomfort. If you’ve struggled with fungal nail infections, you might be curious about the potential benefits of laser fungal nail treatments.

Understanding Fungal Nail Infections

Before delving into the specifics of laser treatments, it’s essential to understand what fungal nail infections are and how they develop. Fungal nail infections are typically caused by dermatophytes, a group of fungi that thrive in warm, damp environments. Nails that are frequently exposed to moisture or trauma are more susceptible to these infections.

Common symptoms of fungal nail infections include discolouration, thickening, crumbling, and a foul odour. Left untreated, these infections can spread and become increasingly painful.

Traditional Treatments vs. Laser Therapy

Traditional treatments for fungal nail infections include topical antifungal creams and oral medications. While these treatments can be effective, they often require prolonged use and may have side effects. Additionally, they don’t guarantee a complete cure, and the infection may return.

Laser fungal nail treatments offer a promising alternative. During this procedure, a specialized laser emits a concentrated beam of light onto the infected nail. The laser energy penetrates the nail and destroys the fungus without harming the surrounding tissue.

The Benefits of Laser Fungal Nail Treatments

High Success Rate: Clinical studies have shown that laser treatments can have a success rate of up to 90% in eliminating fungal nail infections. This makes it a highly effective option for those seeking a reliable solution.

Quick and Convenient: The procedure is usually completed in a single session, taking only about 30 minutes for both feet. This means minimal disruption to your daily routine.

No Side Effects: Laser treatments are non-invasive and do not involve the use of drugs, reducing the risk of side effects commonly associated with traditional treatments.

Pain-Free: Patients typically experience little to no discomfort during the procedure. You can return to your normal activities immediately afterwards.

Nail artist applying polish on client’s nails

Visible Improvement: As the nail grows out, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in its appearance. Clearer, healthier nails become visible over time.

What to Expect During Treatment

During a laser fungal nail treatment, you may feel a warming or tingling sensation in the treated area, but this is generally well-tolerated. Most patients require multiple sessions for optimal results, as the laser targets the active fungal cells at different stages of their life cycle.

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