Laser Hair Removal Price List
Chest and Stomach£300
Full back and shoulders£300
Half Arms£60£ 300Free
Full Arms£ 90£ 450Free
Full Legs£ 120£ 600Free
Half Legs£ 80£ 400Free
Full Body £ 360£ 1800Free
Hands and Feet£ 45£ 225Free
Cheeks/ upper beard line£45£225Free
Front of neck/ lower beard line£45£225Free
Back of Neck £45£225Free
Underarms £ 50£250Free
Full Face£ 50£ 250Free
Neck£ 40£ 200Free
Chin£ 25£ 125Free
Chin and Jawline£ 40£ 200Free
Face and Neck£ 70£ 350Free
Lip£ 25£ 125Free
Lip and Chin£ 40£ 175Free
Side Buns / Side Of Face£ 35£ 275Free
Centre of the brows£ 10£ 50Free
Under Arms£ 50£ 250Free
Half Arms£ 50£ 250Free
Full Arms£ 70£ 350Free
Hands / Feet£ 30£ 150Free
Nipples£ 25£ 125Free
Hollywood / Bikini£ 50£ 250Free
Stomach£ 50£ 250Free
Buttocks£ 60£ 300Free
Full Back£ 120£ 600Free
Lower Back£ 65£ 325Free
Lower Legs£ 80£ 400Free
Full Legs£ 120£ 600Free
Full Body With Face£ 250£ 1250Free
One session small area laser hair remeval£200
One session medium area laser hair removal £300
One session large area laser hair removal£500
Age spots/ sun spots/
Pigmentation treatment
Anti-wrinkle Injections 1 Area £ 140
2 Area £ 250
Body Cellulite & Contouring £ 150 (package Available )
Cavitation one session150
Carbon peel Facial£200
Cosmelan facial pigmentation peel£950
CO2 Laser resurfacing for acne and other scars, wrinkles, stretch marks,pigmentation £300
Dermamelan intimate (intimate areas and armpits depigmentation)£850
Dermal Fillers 1 ml£ 275
Dermal Fillers 2 ml£ 500
Excessive sweating Botox£350
Facial chemical Peel£100
HIFU Full face
HIFU neck lift
HIFU face and neck
Hydrafacial Signature£ 100
Hydrafacial platinum£ 150
Laser Fungal nail treatment From £50
Hydrafacial Personalised with Perks
For dark under eye circles
£ 200
Hydrafacial keravive for Hair£ 200
Inch loss and fat melting treatment 200
Laser Intimate areas whitening Treatment£200
Laser skin whitening £200
Laser Vaginal tightening
£ 300
Laser Treatment of Acne and acne marks£250
Lemon bottle Fat dissolving Injection Tretament Small Area £120
Medium area £250
LED light therapy£50
Lip Fillers 1 ml£ 275
Lip Fillers 0.5 ml£ 185
Lumecca IPL For Pigmentation and Rosaces£ 250
Lumecca Photo Facial£ 250
Dermapen one session
£ 200
Mesotherapy For Face / Hair£200
Melasma/ Hyperpigmentation removal ( laser treatment)£250
Non-Surgical Face and neck Lift Morpheus 8 one session £850
Non-Surgical Face Lift Morpheus 8 one session with add on PRP£ 999
Neck lift Botox/ Nefertiti neck lift£400
Non-surgical facelift Emlift one session
3 sessions

Plasma Fibroblast Lower Eyelid£ 250
PRP For Face/Hair Loss£ 250(package Available )
Profhilo skin booster
For face or hands or chest area
Rosacea/ sensitive skin laser treatment £250
Radiofrequency skin tightening treatment £100
Radiofrequency skin tightening facial £150

Radio frequency Vaginal Tightening(Votiva)£300
Rosacea treatment £250
Skin boosters face/neck£250
Skin boosters under-eyes£250
Skin Tags & Warts RemovalFrom £ 50
Tattoo removal From £100
Tear trough/ under eye filler £400