Laser vs. Waxing: Which Hair Removal Method is Better?

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Two of the most common hair removal methods include laser hair removal and waxing. While each method has its benefits, here’s a quick comparison to help you decide which one’s better.

Hair Regrowth

One of the biggest concerns among most people when choosing the ultimate hair removal method is hair regrowth. Individuals typically want a method that won’t let the hair grow back too soon.

Waxing uses melted wax to remove hair. While it eliminates hair strands from their roots, hair tends to grow back within a few weeks of hair removal. On the other hand, laser hair removal is a more permanent solution because it uses a laser light beam to permanently eliminate hair growth.

Frequency of Sessions

Waxing and laser hair removal both require multiple sessions. However, if you choose to wax for hair removal, you’ll need sessions frequently. This is because the hair would grow back just a few weeks after getting it done, compelling you to get waxed every month or so.

On the other hand, laser hair removal requires a limited number of sessions until your body and facial hair is permanently gone. Sure, it’ll take you a few sessions to get the job done, but won’t have to go back for laser hair removal once these sessions end.

The Extent of Pain

Hair removal can be painful, depending on the method you choose. Waxing is believed to be the most painful method as it involves pulling the hair. On the other hand, laser hair removal isn’t as painful as other hair removal techniques, especially if you go for a procedure that has skin-cooling technology.

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Now that you know all the differences and similarities between laser and waxing, it’s clear how laser hair removal is the best choice, especially if you want a permanent hair removal solution. If you’re looking for the best hair removal solutions in Ealing London, make sure you check out the Diolaze treatment offered by us at Laser Care Skin Clinic.

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