Top FAQs about Body FX by Inmode Answered

The new, non-invasive, and long-lasting solution to reduce the unsightly appearance of stubborn cellulite and fat deposits has stormed the market. Known as BodyFX by Inmode, the treatment offers stunning results for those looking to restore their toned physique without the need for liposuction or incision-based invasive surgeries.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding BodyFX. Discover everything you need to know about the superior solution to improve the appearance of love handles, muffin tops, dimpled skin, mummy tummy, bulging things or hips, loss of elasticity on the abdomen, and other areas requiring body contouring.

FAQ #1- How Does BodyFX Work?

The treatment employs a combination of several, clinically approved modalities, such as deep tissue heating, radiofrequency (RF) energy, ‍and suction, coupled with negative pressure. Whether you’re looking to get rid of cellulite, sagging skin, or want to aid fat reduction, the procedure triggers heat-induced apoptosis to the underlying fat causing the tissues to heat and contract. The controlled vacuum RF energy pulses work in synergy to provide optimal results while ensuring only the unwanted fat is targeted and the underlying organs or skin remain unharmed.

FAQ #2- How Safe is BodyFX?

Since a million succession pulses deliver a series of radiofrequency energy every second, many think the procedure sounds intense. However, it’s safe because the body’s temperature is monitored constantly by experts to maximise comfort and safety. Thermal monitoring and feedback on the skin’s temperature provide the chance to control temperature adequately.

FAQ #3- Does the BodyFX Procedure Hurt?

Most clients find the entire BodyFX experience to be comfortable. Some people report a warm feeling on their skill coupled with a gentle pulling sensation when the vacuum and radiofrequency energy work in tandem to smooth out the unsightly stubborn fat pockets.

Before and after images of BodyFX treatment

FAQ #4- What Areas Does BodyFX Commonly Treat?

BodyFX is viable for almost every part of the body comprising stubborn cellulite or fat reserves. However, we commonly attend clients who utilise the innovative technology for targeting love handles, buttocks, back, stomach, abdomen, legs, and more. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to find solutions for the areas of lingering fat or cellulite you can’t seem to get rid of!

FAQ #5- What to Expect During the Treatment?

The non-invasive treatment for body fat and cellulite has virtually no downtime. It’s one of the beauty-enhancing procedures you can get done during your lunch breaks. The process usually lasts a few minutes during which you might feel warmth in the targeted area. Most people report that the warmth is equivalent to deep tissue massages. Some people experience slight redness in the treated area, but it subsides within a few hours.

FAQ #6- What to Expect After Getting BodyFX by Inmode Treatment from Laser Care Skin Clinic in London?

Unlike medical-grade weight loss procedures like liposuction, BodyFX won’t leave you with any pain or downtime while simultaneously melting away cellulite in the targeted area. The proven and effective technology helps get more toned abs, thighs, butt, arms, and an overall contoured body. Over the course of a few months, BodyFX also makes skin smoother and tighter to counter the problem of sagging skin caused by significant weight loss.

Additionally, BodyFX permanently kills some of the fat cells in the chosen area, which means the fat cells completely leave the body over the course of a few treatments. If you pair the treatment with a healthy diet and maintained exercise routine, you can permanently enjoy the toned body while keeping the extra weight and fat off the problem areas.

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